we're going on an adventure...

I love shooting in a place that has meaning to my clients and when we happen to share the same special place...even better! This lovely family calls Exeter their home too and happen to be wonderful neighbors of mine. They were just so much fun to capture....their love and energy, infectious. We went on a little adventure rediscovering this sweet town that we both love...a great way to spend a Sunday morning. 

the emerald isle

It's been almost two weeks since our amazing trip to Ireland. It had been on my bucket list for a long time and I'm so grateful that after 10 years of marriage we (along with the help of the amazing grandparents) were able to make it happen. Ireland is a beautiful country full of gorgeous green scenery, castle ruins on every corner, and the friendliest and warmest people I've ever met. My incredibly brave husband navigated us through some pretty dodgy roads, from Dublin to Kilkenny and on to Killarney, where we discovered the Dingle Peninsula, a highlight of our trip. From there we meandered on up to the Cliffs of Moher (breathtaking) and then on to the pub-friendly town of Galway. We did so much in a week and I couldn't have asked for a better travel partner. We would both go back in a heartbeat, but I was told by my 7 year old that we better bring the kids next time ;)  

baby cora

Sweet baby burritos (mama is a master swaddler), dreamy light and lots of white...these are a few of my favorite things. And they all came together effortlessly on a Monday morning. Cora Beth, you are so precious. Thanks for letting me spend some time with you, mommy, daddy, and big sister, Cate. Can't wait to watch you grow, but not too fast. 

Pintuck & Purl 3

A gloomy Tuesday and a bus load of kids didn't stop us from staying on schedule. The wonderful pieces, the location, and of course my lovely subject all made for a fun and successful shoot. I really look forward to our sessions each month. Maggie has been game for everything I've thrown her way, a real sport. If you haven't stopped into her shop, well, you should. Just sayin' ;)    

mama and me down by the sea

Little Boar's Head in North Hampton, NH has quickly become one of my favorite shooting locations thanks to my friend and past client, Lisa Waller. She introduced me back in November and I've been in love ever since. Not sure what I'm going to do when people start moving into these cute little houses in a few weeks. I love the diversity here...all the different backdrops with their fun colors and textures are just perfect for a photo shoot. This particular night was pretty chilly and windy down by the beach, but this beautiful trio (yes, mom is 9 months pregnant and radiant) embraced the unpredictable New England weather. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing them explore this hidden gem and I can't wait to capture the newest addition to their family in June! 

sunday funday

From winter coats to shorts in one day! Only in New England ;) Took advantage of a beautiful Spring day with the fam yesterday and headed to the beach to watch the waves, explore the rocks and look for sea glass. Back home for a swing in the hammock and a bounce with friends. A perfect day.