senior portraits have come a long way...

Senior portraits have come along way since I was in high school. The traditional senior portraits of the past didn't really show your personality. You hired that one guy for the cookie cutter, over-Photoshopped, portrait. These days, senior portraits are all about showcasing who you are at this point in your life and capturing you in a more personal and unique way. So much of what we look at these days is image-driven, especially in the teenage world. Instagram, Snapchat and other forms of social media are the biggest examples of this. Teenagers are gravitating towards a more candid, original, and fashion-oriented approach to senior portraits, which I love. 

I am finally getting around to sharing some of my favorite images from a senior portrait session done last fall with a lovely senior named Molly, on her parents' gorgeous property. Molly was sweet, kind and up for all my crazy ideas! Her session was just right for her personality. 

Spring 2018 sessions are booking now! Shoot me an email at for more details. I'd love to tell your story! 

me before you

When you realize the headshot you've been using is over seven years old, you grab your uber-talented, picture-taking husband and sweet kiddos and head to the cool, green, leaf wall down the street for a mini photo shoot. Sounds fun, right? Sure, we eventually got to the fun, but I needed a little time (okay, maybe more than a little) to get rid of my awkwardness and figure out what the heck to do with my face and body. I was on the other side of the lens and this was a nerve-racking place to be. Turned out to be an incredibly insightful process...If I feel this way, then I imagine most of my clients must feel this way too. I ask my clients to be natural, be themselves, relax and have fun, all with a big ol' camera pointed at them. Easier said than done. I get it, guys. I had to feel how to move my body into poses, how to feel my facial expressions. I did have to relax, take a few head shakes, and let go a little with the guidance of my photographer and my family. And having my kids in some shots was wonderful for so many reasons. It took some of the attention off of me which really helped me relax and be in the moment. Documenting the different chapters in our lives is what preserves this time and I'm already glad I did it. Now I want to do it again, the whole family!

The empathy and understanding that I gained through my experience in front of the lens will undoubtedly help me be better at what I do. Not only is it knowing how to work the camera, but it's also knowing how to connect with people...feel their energy and capture their essence. A big thanks to my husband for capturing my essence. You can view his amazing work by clicking on the Anthony Shea button below.

All images by Anthony Shea and edits by Ashley Shea.